Thursday, August 25


I've just spent two great days at the conference (#theconf on twitter) listening to some amazing talks on digital media and the future. If you weren't there you should check out some of the talks that are available online.
I strongly recommend the keynote talks by Riyaad Minty who works with social media at Al Jazeera and the talk on Man & Machine by cyborg anthropologist Amber Case.

I also attended talks on disruptive thinking, crowdfunding and hacking your own body. My head is spinning after two really intense days with lots of new ideas and impressions.
And I became my own souvenir. I got scanned, digitalized and a mini-me printed on a 3D-printer. The technology is still a little primitive but imagine what they are gonna do with 3D-printers in a few years...

Tried this pose at first but the scanners didn't like it.

Analog Punky.

Digital Punky in 3D

Plastic Punky - the result of a 3D printer

And since the conference was the world's first flattrable conference I signed up to and am now using flattr, a system for micropayments and donations. You can read more about flattr on wikipedia and on

I talked to a lot of interesting people during these two days, but the words that stuck the most come from Bill Drummonds keynote talk this morning.

"You can stand on the outside looking in or you can stand on the outside looking further out. I prefer looking further out."

Tuesday, August 23

Bouncing Souls and Boysetsfire

Two of my favorite bands played at Malmöfestivalen yesterday. Yay! Am too tired to write anything substantial so I'll just say that the Bouncing Souls were great and Boysetsfire were awesome. Singer Nathan Gray is just as good live as on recordings.

Oh yeah, I saw NOFX too and they were rude but fun.

Bouncing Souls


Punky and Nathan Gray


Saturday, August 20

Ultra Bowl III

Skateboarding is so much fun to watch. My local skatepark Stapelbädden is hosting Ultra Bowl III this weekend. The local kids are skating side by side with the stars and the atmosphere is really relaxed and fun.

And these days there are quite a few skatergirls with worn sneakers, scrapes and badass attitudes. I hope some of them will be competing and kickin' ass in a few years time.

Took a bunch of photos with my phone because I didn't wanna drag my nikon camera around the malmö festival. When are they gonna make a kickass system camera that I can fit in my handbag?

Pro Quarterfinals

Checking out the deep end.

Pro Quarterfinals

Friday, August 19

Pics from Captain T's Camera

Tony aka SoulCrap Syndicate's very own Captain T just handed over some pics from A-Bombers Old Style Weekend. Enjoy!

Heading to Backamo!

I'm working so fast I can't be captured on camera!

Jens, Rob and me.

Heading home! Captain T has new heart tattoos on his little fingers.

Wednesday, August 17

Fancy Coffee

Malmö is a great city if you want a good cup of coffee while you eat something sweet and gossip with friends. I haven't seen much of the sun this summer, but it put in an appearance yesterday when I had a cappuccino and a flapjack covered in chocolate at Lite Off. Flapjack not pictured because things that are covered in chocolate won't survive uneaten for long...

Fancy cappuccino in the sunshine at Lite Off.

I'd heard a lot of good things about Chez Madame and finally tried their food today. Lovely veggie food and nice atmosphere. Just look at their flowerpots.
There were quite a few things on the menu that sounded tasty so I might be back here soon.

Is it a stack of books? An art installation? No, it's a flowerpot at Chez Madame!

Coffee and cherry cake with a cherry on top.

Monday, August 15

Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree #4

This past Saturday was the 4th Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree. DJ Undertaker was spinning records and the dark clouds had decided to move on when Rob and I got there in the early evening. The junkyard looked a little empty but soon the cars started pouring in and there was barely room to park another pre-1960s car.
A really nice night at the junkyard.


Nice profile

Charlie's sweet new pickup. I think I'm in love...

But these events and meets aren't all about cars or music. No sir, the next big thing is gonna be yoga! People are gonna sell their kustom cars and next year it will be nothing but customized yoga mats at the junkyard. Think I'm joking? Just look at this little yoga session we improvised.

Jocke doing a... some kind of... pelican?

Not a bad dancer pose considering I'm in boots and wearing dungarees.

Dan has a go at "dancer pose with camera"

Jocke is pretty good at this...

Junkyard Warrior

Ehm... I may have been kidding about yoga mats replacing cars next year. Back to the cars, the crowds and the rockabilly music. Say hello to DJ Undertaker.

DJ Undertaker
DJ Undertaker

"Same time next year?"

Pat C Miller
Pat C Miller

Love at the Junk Bar
Love at the Junk Bar

Full set of photos can be found on Flickr.

Friday, August 12


The Swedish weather has been crap lately, just rain, rain, dark clouds and more rain. So I've been hangin' out indoors, reading books and watching movies. The other day I started reading this little Swedish book on 50's nostalgia that my mother gave to me.

Lilla nostalgiboken 50-talet
Lilla nostalgiboken 50-talet

In this book there is a bunch of classic recipes that were popular when my mother was a kid. One of them was for Radiokaka (radio cake, so named because the slices are said to resemble the front of an old school transistor radio) and I decided to have a go.

Radiokaka is made from baking chocolate, coconut fat, confectioners sugar, egg and mariekex. It's chilled in the fridge overnight, not baked, and tastes a lot like ischoklad. Very rich and tends to melt in your hand so you better eat it quick.


And then I felt like baking some more... because I got a good deal on some fresh blueberries and raspberries yesterday. Gotta love the farmers market at closing time!

My first batch was blueberry muffins.

Raspberry muffins in the oven.
Those stripes on the side are a reflection of my PJ pants.

Taa-daah! Raspberry on the left and blueberry on the right.
The tray is from 1951 and a recent flea market find.

Tuesday, August 9

North Side Gal

This is the song that gets played over and over at all the car shows and rockabilly events this summer. JD McPherson singing North Side Gal.
The album Signs & Signifiers is on repeat in my car.

The Road to A-bombers

Condensed version of our the HepCat crew's adventures at A-bombers: packing, loading, running late, driving, coffee incident, snoring, arriving, setting up the booth, selling, rain, j.tex, sleeping in the van, selling even more, finally some sunshine, waffles, doing business, meeting friends, beer, packing, loading the van, driving home, more coffee, arriving at the shop and unpacking.

But allow me to expand on one of these moments; the coffee incident. We were at a gas station an hour or so away from Ljungskile, all ready to get back in the van and continue driving. And that's when Tony drops his large coffee in his lap... and over the seat and my leg. Awesome, right? Anyway, the car was cleaned, jeans were changed and Tony went and bought himself another coffee. Which he put a lid on and held very tightly until he had finished it. As did all of us for the rest of the trip...

The best part of A-bombers for me is meeting old and new friends. I could have chatted to the girls from Rockefella for another hour, Bullitt Leather is always excellent fun and Kustom Kutting were almost as busy as we were. But having Rascal and Markus drop by on Saturday was a special treat. The HepCat crew also got a very interesting talk on denim from Fabian from Pike Brothers.

However, the veggie food at A-bombers is crap and I wish they would sort out some more showers. It would make life on the site a lot easier for us vendors who work from 9 am until midnight for two days.

Fun fact: I just did the math and realized this was my fifth visit to A-bombers in six years. I missed one year (2007? 2008?) because I had a bad cold and didn't want to sleep in a tent.
But enough words, here are some photos!

Loading the van.

On the road again!
On the road again!

Milkshakes and cuddles
Quick dinner at Max. I opted for a deluxe milkshake in banana split while the boys slurped regular strawberry milkshakes.

Two snoring grizzlybears...
Goddamnit how they snore!!
When one of them stopped the other one got started...

How many bands did I see this year? None.

Kustom Kutting
Kustom Kutting's new shop truck.

J.Tex and HepCat Store
J.Tex live in front of the HepCat Store booth.

Night at Backamo
Night at Backamo.

And on Sunday it rained again... the coast is beautiful in any weather.

Rob loves his phone
Heading home and taking care of business on the phone.

Coffee break #2
Coffee break #2

appropriate footwear
I'm really glad I packed appropriate footwear.

Monday, August 8


If only all Mondays started with a two-hour ride through fields and villages under a clear blue sky. We rode between fields of ripening oats, corn, beets and barley.
The ride took us through the village where I was born and it was fun to point out my old house, the duck pond where I used to ice skate in the winter and the village school to my friend Mia.

Another great experience at Näsets Islandshästar.

Just look at that horizon.

Mia and Funi
Mia and Funi

Dirty, happy and with lovely helmet hair after two great hours on a horse called Nói.