Friday, August 12


The Swedish weather has been crap lately, just rain, rain, dark clouds and more rain. So I've been hangin' out indoors, reading books and watching movies. The other day I started reading this little Swedish book on 50's nostalgia that my mother gave to me.

Lilla nostalgiboken 50-talet
Lilla nostalgiboken 50-talet

In this book there is a bunch of classic recipes that were popular when my mother was a kid. One of them was for Radiokaka (radio cake, so named because the slices are said to resemble the front of an old school transistor radio) and I decided to have a go.

Radiokaka is made from baking chocolate, coconut fat, confectioners sugar, egg and mariekex. It's chilled in the fridge overnight, not baked, and tastes a lot like ischoklad. Very rich and tends to melt in your hand so you better eat it quick.


And then I felt like baking some more... because I got a good deal on some fresh blueberries and raspberries yesterday. Gotta love the farmers market at closing time!

My first batch was blueberry muffins.

Raspberry muffins in the oven.
Those stripes on the side are a reflection of my PJ pants.

Taa-daah! Raspberry on the left and blueberry on the right.
The tray is from 1951 and a recent flea market find.

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