Wednesday, September 21

Chicken of the Sea

I picked up this "Chicken of the Sea" magnet on Etsy a little while ago simply because I like the design. And when I searched the web I found a bunch of cool ads from the company. Like this one.

Tuna sandwich, anyone?

I dug around some more and found the image below. Turns out that Chicken of the Sea sponsored a popular pirate ship restaurant inside Disneyland. And yep, they served lots of tuna.

The image below is from the relaunch of the restaurant in 1960. Check out Kevin Kidney's blog for the story of the restaurant and more fabulous images.

Another great place I found is Daveland which has a bunch of vintage photos and stories from Disneyland, including the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship. There are some pretty cool images on his site. Most are holiday snapshots or photos from the construction of various parts of the park.

 Spot the two mermaids!

Did all this talk of tuna make you hungry? Then try this original recipe for Tunaburger, as served at the Chicken of the Sea restaurant. According to the good folks and brave taste-testers over at Mid-Century Meny it's pretty damn tasty.

Sunday, September 18


New Found Glory's new album is out on October 4th! Let's hope it comes with a tour that brings them to Scandinavia and my neck of the woods. I'm loving Jordan's new hairstyle btw. He's beginning to look like one of my Saint 21 boys. Very stylish.

Tuesday, September 13

It's the singer not the song

Just listen to Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem sing his version of I Do Not Hook Up. It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. His voice and his performance really gets under my skin.

I Do Not Hook Up was written by Katy Perry who never released the song. She gave it to Kelly Clarkson who recorded it in 2009. You can find her version here.
Brian Fallon completely transformed the song from a teen-pop number to an acoustic ballad. Mick Jagger was right. It's the singer that makes all the difference.

Monday, September 12

If Ever I Stray

A friend lamented about the lack of new talent in the current editions of pop idol/true talent/whatever. I find most of those fame-game shows to be crap, resulting only in "artists" that record bland versions of someone elses songs, do a bit of touring and fade back into obscurity. Fame and artistry are two different things.

I told my friend that she won't discover new talent by watching fame-game shows on TV. The real talent is busy writing songs, rehearsing, playing local gigs and touring in vans. If you want to find it you have to leave your sofa and check out some local gigs.

Just look at Frank Turner. I still remember seeing him opening for the Gaslight Anthem in 2009. I went to that show to see Gaslight Anthem and ended up walking out of the venue raving about Frank Turner. And I wasn't the only one. The buzz about him and his songs came from people who'd watched him performed and loved it. That's true talent and that is how you build a career in music. By writing and performing great songs, touring, playing and talking to those who listen to your music.

And the b-side to If Ever I Stray is a song called Sailor's Boots. Simple and amazing. Move over Brian Fallon, I've got a new writer's crush.

Sunday, September 11

This Week

This week just zoomed by. Two busy and fun days working in Stockholm. I was up on a roof and down in a bunker, checked out some churches and some shops, played boule and ate some good food. Later in the week Von Sven dropped by the shop and did some pinstriping and inhaled some thinner. Good times.

I picked up some cool trinkets at a charity shop, found some great veggies and fresh fruit at the farmer's market and checked out Swedish punk band Vånna Inget's release party in a converted artists studio last night. Maximum capacity was 90 people so it was intimate, loud and fun.
Their album Allvar is out on Heptown Records next week and they are going on tour soon. Check 'em out!

View from a roof.

Art in the bunker.

Up in the air.

Von Sven pinstriping in the HepCat Store.

Vånna Inget live.

Breakfast. Fresh strawberries, banana, pear and lemon yoghurt. Grated some espresso chocolate on top.

Saturday, September 3

Turn over a new leaf

September means harvest time and the start of the local farmers market. I love eating food that is local and organic. At the farmers market you get good quality stuff and the prices are good too. Totally worth getting out of bed early for.
I picked up some great stuff this morning, including kale, goats cheese, plums, mini-cauliflower, gooseberry and whiskey jam, yellow beets and tomatoes.


"Little fiancée" - a local goat's cheese.

Gooseberry squash and gooseberry and whiskey jam.

During this fabulously rainy summer I passed the time with some online retail therapy at the Imperial War Museum's shop. Got a new poster for my kitchen, a few books and some other stuff. They've got some nice things if you're into retro and history.

Turn over a new leaf - poster from the Imperial War Museum.

Yup, I got the mug too.

Thursday, September 1

Sometimes you just need a reminder

Live right now
Just be yourself
It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else