Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!
Muffins, candy and The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's tradition.

Sunday, October 30

Meet Sigge

Sigge is a cool little dude. He is 14 weeks old and lives with Emma and PM in a big apartment in the fancy part of Lund. PM and Emma are cool too but Sigge is just so... furry.

We had a really nice Friday night with burgers, friends, beer and plans for world domination. Saint 21 crew goes hemmakväll.

 Sigge is a laid-back dude.

 Patric, PM and Sigge.

Thursday, October 20


It's getting dark and cold outside and I'm tired after a really busy week at work. My gloves and scarves have some out of hiding, I'm cooking soups and trying to locate my Halloween decorations. Summer is long gone...

Luckily I picked up a package on my way home today, a box filled with a selection of tasty handmade caramels from Pärlans konfektyr in Stockholm. These little treats really brightened up a quiet evening at home.


Sunday, October 16

Apple Cake

Made a simple apple cake with a little cinnamon today. The apples are from my paternal  grandmother's garden in Småland. The cake turned out fine and the top was almost a little chewy - in a good way.
Recipe can be found here.


 Om nom nom!

Serve it with some ice cream and a side order of Tom Gabel and Chuck Ragan.

Saturday, October 15

My weakness is that I care too much

Raise your hand if you've ever gotten a little drunk and done things you shouldn't. Hey, you too?
Not being perfect simply means we are human.

But we all have to decide what is right for us and what we make room for in our lives. And sometimes I let people into my life who are not what I thought they were. You don't respect me and you don't really care.

It is not for me to judge you or how you live your life. I simply choose not to be a part of it.

Tuesday, October 11

This Weekend

Checked out the local punk scene at Mejeriet in Lund on Friday. Vånna Inget and Troublemakers kicked ass.

 Vånna Inget


Saturday night was reserved for a garage party held by some of my friends. Good friends, alphabet yoga, dancing and good times. Saturday nights are for getting drunk and doing things you shouldn't.

 Alphabet yoga

 Alphabet yoga - Jocke demonstrates the letter W


 Two bunnies at the bar? Danny Boy, Captain T, Eddie and Emilia.

On the menu

Captain T

Frida and Triumph

Wednesday, October 5

The Jetsons

I'm part of a project that is trying to predict trends that will affect the fire and rescue services in 2030. Discussing and imagining the world of tomorrow made me think of cartoon The Jetsons. It originally aired in 1962-63 and had a revival between 1985 and 1987. Meet George Jetson...

The Jetsons

Dinner in the future

The Jetsons on vinyl

Elroy and George

Judy Jetson

Sunday, October 2

Vintage Cosmetics - Or Not

I'm a fan of vintage cosmetics and I like my eyeliner in the style of the 1950's. But I need to clean out my bathroom cabinet more often... I don't wear a lot of makeup and while I go thru my liquidlast eyeliner, smashbox lid primer and vanilla eyeshadow quite rapidly there are some things that should have been thrown out years ago. The dust on some of the bottles should have been a clue...

The romance may last forever but what about the lotions and potions?

I rarely wear foundation because I have sensitive skin that tends to break out if I wear too much makeup. However I've heard a lot of good things about mineral makeup so I'm trying out Bare Minerals. So far so good, but it does go on a bit shiny which is fine for a modern look but not so good for a 1950's look. 

I've also heard a lot of good things about Lily Lolo but I can only find them online and I'm not very good at picking out the right shade of foundation for myself. Still, it might be worth ordering some samples and see how they work.
If you are a retro gal with sensitive skin I'd love to know what works for you.

So flirting comes naturally to the girl who wears Seventeen Cosmetics?

Natural looking? With that hat on?

Stop Motion Tattoo

I love stop motion animation and this is a really cool project. Check out part 2 and part 3 to see the piece get finished.