Saturday, December 31

Happy New Year!

Here we go... the last few hours of 2011 and soon it will be 2012. New year, new possibilities and a bunch of new years resolutions crowding my gym during January.

It's been quite a year - in a roller-coaster sort of way. I am grateful for my family and my friends who helped me through the rough times and made the good times even better.

I'm gonna end this post with a card that my mother sent to relatives in 1959, wishing them a Happy New Year.

 Vintage Card

Check out those stamps!

Tuesday, December 27

This Xmas...

...I cooked like mad, hung out with my family, ate veggie Christmas food, visited relatives, read books, went to church, watched movies, ate some more food, went for long walks and ate sinful amounts of chocolate. Often for breakfast.

It took a few days to unwind but it feels like I've started to relax and enjoy the holidays. I've even had time to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and check out the sales.

My mother really wanted a white tree this year and she decorated it in red ornaments. I think it's our Danish heritage that shines through... and it's fun to have a tree with a twist.

 Mom's Christmas Tree


Thursday, December 22

Christmas Cards

Found these groovy vintage Christmas cards on Kevin Kidney's flickr. His blog is pretty cool too, check it out at

I love Christmas cards and I send mine out in early December, usually a week or two before everyone else. In this digital age there is something special about selecting the right cards, writing them by hand and walking down to the post office to send them. I know there are websites, apps and all kinds of digital ways to send Christmas greetings but I prefer the old school way. Paper, ink and stamp.

Vintage 1960s Christmas Card - Snowy Street
Vintage 1960s Christmas Card - Snowy Street

Vintage 1950s Christmas Card - Disney
Vintage 1950s Christmas Card - Disney

Vintage Christmas Card - Santa Greetings
Vintage Christmas Card - Santa Greetings

Wednesday, December 21


All my Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready! It's hard to believe Christmas Eve is only a few days away.

Christmas Gifts

Sunday, December 18

It's coming...

Christmas Eve is less than a week away! Had an awesome weekend with glögg, the movie Elf and good times with old friends at a swanky cocktail party.

My grandparents treated the family to Christmas food at Ängavallen. Everything is organic, mostly home-made and really tasty. And their julmust is amazing.
Julmust is a Swedish thing, and it drives the Coca Cola company crazy each year because we don't drink cola during the holidays, it's julmust all the way.

 Dessert, sweets and julmust.

And I even found the time to decorate my little Christmas tree. I'm going with Hello Kitty and chocolate pine cones this year.

My little tree.

Sunday, December 11

Tredje Advent

Today is tredje advent, or the third Sunday of Advent. Advent means "coming" and is made up of four Sundays that lead up to Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus. Advent is all about waiting for Jesus to arrive, and using the candles to count down to Christmas.
In case you hadn't noticed, I'm one of those radical people who think Christmas has something to do with religion.

And it's also a nice tradition to sit down, light the candles and drink a cup of tea. It's really dark here in Sweden at this time of year, as daylight starts at 8.30 and ends at 15.30.

Three out of four.

Saturday, December 10

The Season of Giving

Some of the firefighters who are working on Christmas Eve are gonna drop by the local City Mission to hang out and show support. They plan to donate some clothes and have asked their co-workers to see if we have any that we can donate.

I've dug around in my closet and come up with a bag of clothes that I don't really need or use. It feels good to do some giving in the middle of the Christmas shopping frenzy.

Sunday, December 4

The Annual Retro Blaster Xmas Bash

I may be fighting a cold (again) but that didn't stop me from attending our annual Retro Blaster Xmas Bash last night. Well, I had a little lot of help from ibuprofen, cough drops and decongestant. And DJ Undertaker lent me a chair in the DJ booth when I got a little dizzy.

Still, the Xmas Bash is an event I don't wanna miss. Johnny Horsepower, Thee Gravemen, Astrolites and Wild Wax Combo on stage and DJ Undertaker spinning records. It seems like everyone is there and the atmosphere is great.

 Punky hangin' with Micke, Eddie and Marcus.

Johnny Horsepower

Friday, December 2

Anthem For The Unwanted

Brand new video from New Found Glory! I've been listening to Radiosurgery for weeks and there are no weak tracks... just some songs I love more than others.
And this video makes me wanna see New Found Glory live even more...