Monday, January 30

I know I've lived in darkness for too long...

... when I listen to HIM on repeat and catch myself googling phrases like "ville valo tattoos". What the heck, I've always had a thing for men with eyeliner, Ville can sing (helluva vocal range) and he does have some nice ink.

Tuesday, January 24

Dear Spring, please come soon

Black ice, darkness, thermal underwear and freezing cold weather. I am so ready for winter to be over.

I've replaced the Christmas decorations with tulips and spring crocus. Yesterday there was just a tiny hint of purple but look at 'em today!

Spring crocus in a vintage measuring cup.

Now that's what I call a risotto

The vegetarian dish at a company event is a pretty good indication of the level of skill and ambition in the kitchen. I have eaten some truly great meals in places that had no vegetarian food on the menu, but chefs that were happy to rise to the challenge.

I have eaten many boring versions of veggie lasagna and risotto. I'm not a big fan of pasta and most of the time risotto tastes like rice porridge gone wrong. But at today's conference I was presented with a risotto that was truly yummy and full of mushrooms, beets and other tasty stuff. Well done Moriska Paviljongen!

Yummy risotto.

Monday, January 23

Vert Attack 6

Vert Attack 6 takes place this weekend in Malmö. Duane Peters is supposed to show up, but I have my doubts...
Last year I watched the webcast because the venue was really crowded and my friends didn't wanna go. We'll see what happens this weekend.

More info and full schedule on

Sunday, January 22

The Other F Word

The Other F Word is finally out on DVD January 31. I think I'm gonna pre-order a copy because I've been wanting to check out this documentary about punk rock and fatherhood ever since I heard about it.

More info at

Friday, January 13

Hard and Fast

Check out this message from the British Heart Foundation. Brilliant!

I love how they use humor and Staying Alive to get the message across. If you're not a fan of Bee Gees you can do compressions to the beat of Another One Bites the Dust.

The Hard and Fast campaign has a good website too, check it out at

I get training in basic CPR once a year through my job and it's one benefit I really appreciate. If you plan to learn a new skill this year - check out CPR. Like Vinnie Jones said, it ain't as hard as it looks.

Friday, January 6


Today is a holiday in Sweden, celebrating the fact that the three wise men have reached Bethlehem and delivered their gifts to baby Jesus.

It's also the end of Christmas and soon it's time to take down the tree and all Christmas ornaments. Julgransplundring (plundering the Christmas tree) is a Swedish tradition - a party where you eat lots of candy and give the tree a good sending-off.

My tree may be on the small side but there was lots of stuff to eat so all the guests were happy. The savory stuff in the kitchen (homemade pizza, tzay pieces, cheese and crackers) and all the cakes and sweets next to the tree.

 Sweet stuff!
The candy tree in the background originally belonged to my great-grandmother.

 Annika, Philip, Rob, Alex and Amanda.

This photo is a little blurry but you can see the baby Christmas tree in the background.

Made a sidetable for plates and cups using a cardboard box and a vintage kitchen towel.

Monday, January 2


Spent the first Monday of 2012 in Copenhagen. Had lunch with my homegirl Malin in her office on Strandboulevarden, took the train down to Nørrebro and checked out some shops in the area. But it was just one of those days where I didn't find anything I liked.

I walked past The Lakes and saw a bunch of swans hanging out. They seemed to be enjoying the mild weather too. Downtown Copenhagen was a little too crowded for my liking so in the end I just picked up some tulips and some danish pastries and headed home. Not a bad way to spend a Monday.

Swans chillin' in one of the lakes.