Saturday, July 28

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part 1

This is how I spent my summer vacation. Part one includes swimming, cooking, Copenhagen, ice cream, sunshine, punk rock at West Coast Riot and a performance of Decamerone in the park.

The sun and the summer showed up just in time for my vacation which made it a little easier to leave the office and turn off my work phone. A few days ago I got the feeling that I was wasting my vacation doing nothing but looking at all these photos make me feel like I kinda got a lot done in a week after all?

Sunflower I planted in Mom's garden.

Went swimming.

 Cooked a veggie BBQ.

 Went shopping in Copenhagen and got ice cream. 

Eating ice cream by the lakes in Copenhagen. 

 Sisters chillin' by the lakes. I have new sunglasses from Tres Noir.

Yes, I know you had to get a new umbrella because this one has ruffles.
You can never have too many ruffles. Just look at the Parasol Protectorate.

 Went to Gothenburg and West Coast Riot. First band I saw was Street Dogs. Badass.

 West Coast Riot was in a new location under Älvsborgsbron.

 Hell yeah, we're at West Coast Riot!

Checked out Against Me! Laura Jane Grace was fierce!

 Why are Kerry, Punky and Jake so happy? Because we're watching Rancid!

 Rancid live in Gothenburg!

Yup. Sailor and Tequila are cats and live with Hanna who let me stay at her place in Gothenburg.

 Read Buffy season 9 on the train home.

Got a 20Belows tee and revamped it.

 Urban Dalmatian Daisy.

 Checked out Decamerone in the park with Malin, Malin and Daisy. 

We had a fancy picknick too.

Monday, July 23

Peanut Butter Pancakes

Sliding into vacation mode by sleeping in, making peanut butter pancakes and ordering new stock for the HepCat Store. The recipe for the peanut butter pancakes is from Color Me Vegan, possibly one of the best cookbooks I own. I added chocolate chips and bananas and served them with vanilla ice cream. Yum!


Stack o'pancakes.
The kittens are vintage salt and pepper shakers.


I'm rapidly developing an instagram-addiction and love playing around with all the camera apps on my new phone. Once you've gone tech...

Thursday, July 19

Beautiful People

I could not have said it better myself.

Saturday, July 14

Billy Talent - Viking Death March

I love the cinematography in Billy Talent's new video for Viking Death March. The slow-motion parts are really good and the setting and the lights would have made some killer photographs too.

The pace is a little fast, but that's only because I wanna keep looking at some of those shots. And I like to see expressions in faces. I love taking photographs at rock gigs because there is so much expression and intensity in musicians on stage.

Friday, July 13

Malmö Derby Festival

 Quads. And they are on my feet.

Malmö Derby Festival started today and my friend Mia asked if we should head down and try some skates on. I was just gonna head down and check out the festival but suddenly there were quad roller skates on my feet and pads on my knees and elbows. A helmet and some wrist guards and I was ready to go! Eh, make that ready to roll.

Happy Punky.

It was fun to try it and I managed a few laps around the track. Very slow and cautious laps, but still. I even tried a few stops and balancing on one foot. The technique seemed kinda similar to ice skating. Maybe all that rollerblading I did as a teenager helped too.

Norway vs Finland.

And then we watched some people who really knew how to skate, ate chocolate and bought merch. All food at the festival is vegetarian (hooray!) so we had hot dogs too.

Malmö Derby Festival continues all weekend. You'll find more info on the festival at

Tuesday, July 10

Golden Memories of Summer

Summer used to be a lot sunnier than this. It seems we're getting a lot of rain, harsh winds and not enough sunny days. There's also not enough Gyllene Tider on the radio.

Gyllene Tider was a Swedish pop group famous for catchy songs about teenage love, life in a small town and summer nights. Remember Per Gessle of Roxette? Gyllene Tider (1976-1985) was his first band. If you grew up in Sweden during the 80s and 90s you know most of their songs by heart. They did a one-off reunion gig in their hometown Halmstad in 1995 and I was there.

Mom dropped me and my friend Tove off at the gig and we promptly snuck into the bathroom in the nearest McDonalds and changed our clothes to something more rock n roll. And then we ran into Mom an hour later...  lucky for us she just found it funny.
It was a great night and a great gig. Gyllene Tider did a reunion tour the following year and another big tour in 2004. But it's the classic pop songs from their heyday that I love. Gyllene Tider is the sound of summertime love, teenage dreams and life in a small town.

Saturday, July 7


Oh the bliss of going to sleep and not setting the alarm. I figure if I sleep for ten hours than that is what my body needs to recover after an intense week.

I treated myself to a Saturday brunch with eggs baked in roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and quorn bacon. The recipe for the baked eggs is from Whole Living.


Friday, July 6


My maternal grandfather Elo passed away a few weeks ago. He was 90 going on 91 and a stellar guy.

 Dairy engineer at work.

Elo was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1921. He studied to become dairy engineer in an occupied Denmark during WW2 and was a member of the underground resistance. He was stopped at checkpoints in the city with his bag full of underground newspaper Frit Danmark on at least two occasions but was never searched. Possession of the illegal newspaper meant that you were shot right then and there.
Elo's father, the chief of police for Fredriksberg, Copenhagen, was taken as a prisoner of war in 1944* and lost his life in a camp near Dresden.

After the war Elo got a job in Malmö, Sweden where he met my grandmother. They married in 1948 and had two daughters. He travelled the world a few times, won a silver medal for his cumin cheese, was elected president of two Rotary clubs, was involved in local politics and wrote several textbooks.
He was a prankster, musician, athletic and he loved cheese. The desk in his study was full of cows in various forms so that "he'd remember who his actual employer was".

The funeral was held in the same church where he and my grandmother married. The last hymn sung was the one he requested; Altid frejdig, a Danish hymn that was sung by the resistance during WW2.

Rest in peace Morfar.
Mennesker kommer og går, men du vil altid være midt i mit liv.

* Police officers were considered a potential threat since they could handle weapons. German authorities rounded them up and sent them to POW camps in Germany to prevent them from joining up with the resistance.