Monday, December 31

If I had to choose one photo... sum up the year 2012 it would have to be this one. I found my way back to riding - the thing that makes me truly happy.

I'm happiest in the saddle.

Saturday, December 8


Refused played at KB in Malmö this Thursday. I haven't seen KB this crowded since Patti Smith's gig back in September. Some have called Refused's reunion the sellout tour. Whatever. They killed it and the songs sound so fresh it's hard to believe they are 15 years old.

The moshpit went insane when they started the encore with New Noise.

 Liberation Transmission.

New Noise.

All photos are taken with a HTC One x phone and edited with instagram. It's amazing what those tiny little cameras can do.

And since I never got around to write a blog post about Patti Smith's amazing gig back in September - here she is.

Patti Smith at KB.

Saturday, December 1

Light of Day in Malmö

On Thursday night I attended a brilliant gig at St Gertrud in Malmö. The Light of Day tour raises money to fight Parkinson's disease. Artists like Jesse Malin, Willie Nile and Israel Nash Gripka tour together and perform acoustic and intimate shows, often including local musicians.
My main reason for buying tickets was to see Jesse Malin, but also because my late grandfather suffered from Parkinson's disease.

It was a great night and the format felt like such a treat to both audience and musicians. All singers took turns performing and often jumped in on each others songs to provide backing vocals. I loved the part where Jesse stepped into the crowd "to pray" and sat on the floor next to me as he sang.

Willie Nile played a few new songs which made me look forward to his upcoming album. He is returning to Malmö this summer. The beauty of shows like this is that they expose me to musicians I might never have heard otherwise.

Find out more about the Light of Day foundation on their website

Crowded and intimate.

Willie Nile and Israel Nash Gripka getting groovy.

Jesse Malin