Wednesday, May 21

The lost art of long conversations

There is something about getting lost in a long conversation. About being drawn in, and letting other people share your space, your thoughts and your experiences. Long conversations are a good thing for a social media maven like me, who tends to spend a little too much time staring at screens.

Being a part of long conversations is a bit like meditating or practising mindfulness - it let's my mind unwind rather than rev up with rock n roll.
These are the podcasts that make me look forward to long drives or spending a few hours in the kitchen.

The first podcast that really opened my eyes (or should that be ears) to the format was athlete and plant power advocate Rich Roll. I found his podcast after reading his book Finding Ultra.
A great inspiration for eating better, being grateful and living in the moment.

I discovered Osher Günsberg when he was a guest on the Rich Roll podcast. The episode had me laughing out loud in my car - to a segment about getting divorced and rebuilding your life.
This Aussie's honest and open conversations with a variety of guests has made him one of my favourite radio voices. He also has great theme music.

Osher Günsberg and Natalia Perez co-host the advice podcast Let Me Tell You Something. It's fun, witty and the host share their own stories of failed dates, awkward first kisses and making a god impression on the in-laws.

Rich Roll (top), Osher Günsberg and Natalia Perez.
Photos stolen from the internet.