Tuesday, June 2

Joen's First Tattoo

My co-worker Joen got his first tattoo today. It's his son Noah's birthday, done by Björn at Tattoo Shop in Malmö.

I brought my Nikon along to document this event. And to support a nervous Joen.

Björn at work.

Joen claims it didn't hurt that much.

The finished product.

One happy customer.

Joen is on paternity leave during the next couple of months, that's why he's got time for essential things like tattoos.


Bengavoice said...

2008-10-24 - Noah is born on the 60th anniversary of the first United Nations Day.
Paternity leave? So where is the child? Browsing the catalogue to decide his own first piece of body art?

punk in writing said...

I guess Noah gave his dad the day off. Or maybe Joen told his son he was going to get him a present?