Sunday, August 29

Roadtrippin' with the shop

Me and Rob went to Uddevalla and back yesterday. We packed Rob's car and headed north to Tiki Jamboree, an event hosted by our friend Patric. Did I mention it's a four hour drive from Lund to Uddevalla?

Roadtrippin' Rob

Open road and fancy clouds.

Once we found Harry's in Uddevalla we set up shop on the patio. We only bring a small selection of the stuff we have in the HepCat Store and it's always tricky to predict what will sell.
Books sold well yesterday, for some reason.

To see more of the unpacking and shenanigans from setting up our shop, check out the Saint 21 blog.

Hot Rods at Tiki Jamboree.

View from our makeshift shop.

I meet a lot of people at events like these. Mattias from LeBeef Kustom Metal Works was the other vendor at Tiki Jamboree. He'd also remembered to bring plastic bags, which we didn't, so he was very hand to have around. Did I mention that he's a really nice guy? And he gave me a tee when we packed up. Yay!

Rob and Mattias talking shop.

Pål from Bullit leather was having a great night out and told me that he found two movie star cards with Esther Williams for me at a flea market. Yay!#2

We packed up the shop at midnight and headed south. Much coffee, chocolate milk and late night radio was consumed on the way home. We were done unloading the car sometime around 4.30 am and I was in bed at 5am, right before the birds started singing. Roadtrippin' with Rob and the shop is an endurance event.

More photos from Tiki Jamboree on flickr.

Friday, August 27

Fall Fashion

I checked out some of the fall fashion in the stores today. I feel like I've been attacked by ruffles, jeggings and big, knitted things that masquerade as cardigans. Eek! Why are people wearing these things?

I plan to stay far away from ruffles and jeggings this fall. I'm looking for something with a little more attitude. Like...

Marianne Faithful in Girl on a motorcycle.

Girl on a motorcycle poster.

Gwen Stefani

Buffy - because if life gives you demons, you slay them.
Unless they are blond punk vampires, then you may wanna... ehm... nevermind.

Thursday, August 26


Remember the little wild kitten that my sister and her fiancé brought home? He - we're now sure it's a boy - is called Gizmo and is becoming more and more relaxed in his new home. We've even been able to pet him a few times.

Gizmo doesn't really trust stuff that makes weird sounds, like cell phone cameras.

My sister found a good vet who does house calls and has a lot of experience with rescued cats. Gizmo needs some eye drops and antibiotics for the next few days, other than that he's in good shape.

Gizmo. Master of the living room.

The vet also said that he's probably part Siamese or some other "oriental" breed. Gizmo has a really long tail, big ears and his eyes are a little different from the other cats that we've had.

I hope you're ordering more cat food.

He's active, curious and complains if his food isn't fresh enough. Oh, and he's completely taken over the living room. Did I mention he's cute as a button?

Monday, August 23


Malmöfestivalen - the Malmö festival - has started. There are some decent bands playing free shows, food stands, contemporary art installations and vendors selling overpriced knicknacks.

I try to avoid the crowds and the chaos if I can, but there is one tradition that my sister and I always make sure to uphold. Deep fried bananas with ice cream from Bananapågarna (The Banana Boys). You find this place...

and listen to songs like "Yes we have no bananas" and "Banankontakt" while they make you one of these.

Mmm... tradition.

Pomade, Cars and Boards

Mamma Mia, what a weekend I've had. I've done so much over the past three days that I have a hard time remebering what I did on Friday. My brain feels like it's on sensory overload, but in a good way.

Friday: Patric from Kustom Kutting and Rebecka from Fritzi's Hair Parlour were at Saint 21, cutting classic men's hairstyles. Micke Levin of Levin's Pomade dropped by with the pomade he has created for Kustom Kutting. More on that at the Saint 21 blog.

Micke Levin (Levin's Pomade), Robert Göthe (HepCat Store), Rebecka Nord (Fritzi's Hair Parlour) and Patric Fjellman (Kustom Kutting) wth the brand new pomade.

We rounded off the day with drinks and good conversation at Mediterranean.

Saturday: The day of Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree. The '28 Ford was ready to go, and... everybody else was running late. Tony finally showed up and then we were just waiting for Micke Levin and his '64 Pontiac. He must have gotten confused by all this open space we have down south, because he took the wrong exit somewhere and was on his way to Gothenburg for a while.

Oldest first. Behind us was Tony in his '52 Chevy and Levin in his '64 Pontiac.

But we made it to Hammarlunda Bilskrot (Hammarlunda Junkyard) without any further incidents. Other than a small detour to get more gas. Old cars are thirsty.

Looking for a place to park.

The Cardinals' third Jamboree was a good one, and the rain stayed away. Lots of cars, beers at the Junk Bar, burgers at the Junk Food stand and good music on the Junk Stage. (Am I the only one who can see a theme here? Hmm...)
Kick Em Jenny, Pat C Miller and the Astrolites played live and DJ Martin Kubista was stoked to be playing rock 'n roll in an actual garage.
- If this isn't garage rock I don't know what is, he said with a smile.

Kubista in his garage.

I met a lot of friends, drank cider and ate veggie burgers. And unlike most photographers at car shows and rockabilly events I prefer to take photos of people. Sure, the cars are nice to look at and fun to ride around in, but living things are far more interesting.

Junk Bar. Lincoln-Mange behind the counter.


I wasn't in bed until 4 am, but it was worth it. Summer nights are for hanging out with friends and living in the moment.
You can see more photos from the Junkyard Jamboree on flickr.

Sunday: Crawled out of bed and looked like something from Resident Evil. Sadly not Milla Jovovich. The plan was to head to Stapelbäddsparken in Malmö and check out skate competition Ultra Bowl II.

Cell phone photo. Ultra Bowl II, pro semifinals.

The weather wasn't looking too good but we hoped for the best. Sadly, it just wouldn't stop raining and we spent more time hiding from the rain than watching the competition. The boys picked up some merch and Levin splashed out on a new skateboard.

Levin's hat proved to be rather unreliable when it got soaked by the rain and left a large black stain on his forehead. He didn't get a permanent mark from the weekend though, some soap and water got rid of most of it.

And then I spent the evening editing photos and uploading them to flickr until my hands hurt and I lost the ability to spell basic words or tell one Cardinal from another. Having fun is hard work.

Monday, August 16

A Feral Kitten

My sister and her fiancé have adopted a feral kitten. The little rascal showed up outside Fredrik's job last week and he was finally able to capture it and bring it home on Friday.

First known photo of the kitten.

They're not sure if it's a boy or a girl yet, so no name has been decided. But they're leaning towards Gizmo. Because the kitten has big ears and reminds us of this fella.

The kitten is shy but making real progress. You can't touch her/him or be too close, but it's ok to play a little. At first he/she was scared to leave the transport cage Maria and Fredrik brought her/him home in, but now he/she is relaxed enough to sleep on the kitchen table or in the little house on the activity tree.

No kitten, photographers do not eat kittens.

This kitten is being spoiled, in a good way. Fancy toys from Lidl, Whiskas cat milk and quality cat food. They've even prepared the balcony for when the kitten is brave enough to explore it.

Maria demonstrates the activity tree. Kitten on the kitchen table.

Kitty house and extra litter box.

It seems Gizmo really has gone from rags to riches.

Wednesday, August 11

My Grandparents' Garden

My maternal grandparents have decided to sell their lovely old house. There is simply too much to do and they aren't up for it anymore. The house was built around 1910 and originally belonged to builder Anders Hansson, known as "the King of Höllviken" in the early 1900s.

The house has a large garden, like most older houses along the main road. Sadly, one old house after another has been demolished and one garden after another has been turned into apartments or terraced houses.

This is the bottom half of the garden.

My sister and I drove down there yesterday to help our grandmother Gunvor go through some boxes. The sun was shining so we had tea in the garden.


One of my grandmother's favorite things in the garden is a statue we call Tractor Girl. Gunvor bought this statue with money she earned by driving a tractor on her parents farm, hence this sculpture is known as Tractor Girl.
She was discovered at a small shop in the countryside where my grandparents had to stop because they ran out of gas, and she's been keeping an eye on the garden ever since.

Tractor Girl

It's been a while since the swing was in use too. I remember when us grandchildren used it so much that my grandfather had to put some planks on the ground underneath the swings because five pairs of shoes kept digging into the lawn to start and stop.

Not in use, but oddly beautiful.

They don't make houses like this one anymore. I've spent so much time here growing up, and I even remember what Höllviken was like before they built the new road that cut off the path from the bottom of the garden to Hanssons brygga (Hansson's jetty*) where we used to go swimming.

*Anders Hansson who built the house also built a public jetty, a restaurant and a few shops in Höllviken.

Monday, August 9

Flickr, a-bombers and rainy days

I've added some of my photos to flickr, including the few I took at this year's A-Bombers. I've been to A-Bombers four times in the last five years and 2010 must be the weekend with the worst weather. It rained on Friday and for most of Saturday so the entire weekend was a damp affair.

I spotted these two guys just outside Gothenburg. There was some heavy traffic around the city, as there always is, and whenever the speed slowed down they up came the umbrella. When we were past the heavy traffic they took down the umbrella and floored it towards Backamo.

I guess they really wanted to get to Old Style Weekend.

The entire weekend whizzed by in a flurry of work, rain, old and new friends, cars, pomade, chocolate and crappy vegetarian food. There were only three of us working the HepCat Store booth and we work long days. It's great to have so many happy customers but it does get a bit hectic from time to time. None of us HepCat crew managed to see any of the bands this year, not even our friends Duck and Cover.

I started my vacation just in time for A-Bombers and I had planned to take some more photos during the weekend. But I was simply so tired and uninspired that I only took a handful, mainly on Friday night. This spring has been so crazy at work and my inspiration has suffered. I cannot seem to find the energy to get creative.

At least I've finally uploaded the photos from Gunhild Carling's Red Hot Club at Mejeriet back in November last year. Click on the photo below to go to flickr and see more.

Gunhild Carling's Red Hot Club at Mejeriet

Monday, August 2


Working with me can have unforeseen consequences. Just ask my former intern/current colleague Petter. I lent him my copy of Dogtown and Z-boys and the first thing he bought when he got his paycheck was a new longboard.

Cell phone pictures.

We tried it out in the office and it was a lot of fun. I even managed to get on it and ride around without falling on my ass or breaking anything. Quite an achievement, considering it's been more than 15 years since I last stood on a skateboard.

If you haven't seen the documentary Dogtown and Z-boys, check it out!
Director Stacey Peralta, one of the original z-boys, turned the z-boys story into feature film Lords of Dogtown a few years after the documentary was released.