Wednesday, August 11

My Grandparents' Garden

My maternal grandparents have decided to sell their lovely old house. There is simply too much to do and they aren't up for it anymore. The house was built around 1910 and originally belonged to builder Anders Hansson, known as "the King of Höllviken" in the early 1900s.

The house has a large garden, like most older houses along the main road. Sadly, one old house after another has been demolished and one garden after another has been turned into apartments or terraced houses.

This is the bottom half of the garden.

My sister and I drove down there yesterday to help our grandmother Gunvor go through some boxes. The sun was shining so we had tea in the garden.


One of my grandmother's favorite things in the garden is a statue we call Tractor Girl. Gunvor bought this statue with money she earned by driving a tractor on her parents farm, hence this sculpture is known as Tractor Girl.
She was discovered at a small shop in the countryside where my grandparents had to stop because they ran out of gas, and she's been keeping an eye on the garden ever since.

Tractor Girl

It's been a while since the swing was in use too. I remember when us grandchildren used it so much that my grandfather had to put some planks on the ground underneath the swings because five pairs of shoes kept digging into the lawn to start and stop.

Not in use, but oddly beautiful.

They don't make houses like this one anymore. I've spent so much time here growing up, and I even remember what Höllviken was like before they built the new road that cut off the path from the bottom of the garden to Hanssons brygga (Hansson's jetty*) where we used to go swimming.

*Anders Hansson who built the house also built a public jetty, a restaurant and a few shops in Höllviken.

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