Saturday, November 14


I got my shot of H1N1 vaccine today. It was quick and a little uncomfortable. The whole procedure took about 20 minutes, and that was mainly because they ask you to sit down and have a cookie after you're done. If you feel good after ten minutes or so, you're free to go.

I use my left hand to write, so I got the shot in my right arm. That arm is sore, and that makes things a little bit tricky because I tend to use both my hands quite a lot. I chop vegetables with my right hand, but I can do it with my left hand. It's good to be ambidextrous sometimes.

I just wish I'd been seated next to Johnny Depp when I was vaccinated...


Sandy De Luxe said...

Cookie! Jag fick minsann ingen kaka.. De sa bara att jag skule vänta i 10 min. =)

punk in writing said...

Jag fick juice och pepparkaka. :) Å andra sidan fick jag ont i armen också så det kanske jämnar ut sig?