Monday, December 21


Yep, we're surrounded by that white, cold stuff again. At least 60 cm of it. We rarely get this much snow at once in southern Sweden and when we do it causes traffic chaos.

People don't know how to drive when there's snow on the road so they are either going way too slow or way too fast. And for some reason bus drivers seem to be really crap at dealing with snow, so there's huge delays and cancelled trains and buses.

Oh the joy of snow... But at least you can look at pretty surroundings when you're loosing the feeling in your toes and waiting for a train that never seems to show up.

But it's so white and fluffy...


Oh My Goddess said...

Somehow I figured Swedes to be perfect snow drivers. Who knew?

punk in writing said...

Goddess: Swedes in general are good with snow. Us down south... not so much.
We never get enough practice. But we're pretty fierce in a snowball fight.