Monday, March 8


The movie poster.

Sometimes good things come in small animated packages. I watched 9 this weekend and it was so well-written and wonderful to look at, despite being set in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters, that I was hanging on the edge of the sofa, completely absorbed in the movie.

My boyfriend found this very amusing. But he watched the whole thing with me. And he's not into animated movies or anything Tim Burtonesque.

The characters are rag dolls that have been brought to life at the end of a war between humans and machines. The humans are gone, but there are still a few machines left in the ruins...

The story reminds me of a few war movies, and 9 has a lot of visual references to WW2; machines that look like a cross between German helmets and the walking saucers from War of the Worlds, 6 is made of striped material that looks like the uniforms that the Jews were forced to wear in the camps and the red and black crest of the human army looks like something from the third Reich.

In short, it's a great story that is made better by stunning animation and the voices of very good actors. Get the DVD!

Those of you who have Spotify can check out the soundtrack by Danny Elfman here.

1, 5, 3, 9,4, 6 and 2.

Here be monsters.

The key to something?

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