Tuesday, May 15

It makes me proud...

When someone uses the platform that fame has given them for good things. 

When Tom Gabel of Against Me! came out as transgender in an interview in Rolling Stone a few days ago Brian Fallon immediately showed his support. You'll find what he wrote on Gaslight Anthem's tumblr. The vast majority of the punk community were supportive and encouraging.
Do what you need to do - and let others be who they need to be. That's punk rock at it's best. 

I really didn't know all that much about transgender prior to this and it just proves that good things can come from being honest and sharing what you are going through. Talking about things is the key to spreading knowledge and understanding. What Tom - now known as Laura Jane Grace - did was a very brave thing.


When Rise Against's Tim McIlrath talked about politics, being uncool and wanting to change the world for the better. He tells AP how the punk bands he grew up listening to opened his eyes to sweatshops, animal rights, the environment and struggles for independence in various third-world countries. And how he is trying to pay it forward.
You can find part of the interview here.

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