Sunday, April 26

A League of Their Own

"A League of Their Own" was on tv last night. I saw this movie in the theatre when it opened back in 1992, long before I was into the retro lifestyle and vintage items.

I really enjoyed it then but now I appriciate all the little things, like the hair, the clothes and those old school buses the girls travel around in.

"A League of Their Own" is based on the story of The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, that existed from 1943 to 1954.

Just like in many other areas of society, the war provided an opportunity for women to do something that had previously been reserved for men.
But even professional athletes had to be ladies. Charm school was a requirement and slacks were not permitted as streetwear.

The movie version of the 1944 Rockford Peaches.

The real Rockford Peaches.

But what I really wanna know is how they managed to keep up such amazing hairstyles on the playing field? Geena Davies looks amazing even when she's scruffy and sweaty. Maybe because she's Geena Davies.

Oh, and she speaks Swedish. Young Geena was an exchange student in Sandviken, Sweden.
I remember reading an interview where she said that she had never met boys who were taller than her before she came to Sweden.

Geena Davies and Lori Petty as sisters Dottie Hinson and Kit Keller.

For more on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League check out


Little Rascal said...

I used to love that movie!
Haven't seen it for ages.
Should look for the DVD.

Comedy Goddess said...

That was a great movie. Geena Davis was a Victoria Secret model before her movie career. Didn't know about the Swedish thing.

I love, and have used that line that John Lovits said, "Well, it's been a thin slice of Heaven", more than a few times.

punk in writing said...

Rascal: Me too. It's one of those movies I never got around to buying. I have a worn out vcr-version somewhere...

CG: Oh, well I can see her as a model.

Little Rascal said...

I'm bidding on one as we speak.
Thank you for reminding me about this movie. <3