Monday, April 20

Saturday in Småland

This weekend I spent a few days with my sister at our old house in Småland. If this house was a car it would be a jalopy.
But it's a nice place to visit in the spring.

I've never understood people who manage to spend weekends relaxing in their country cottages. All we seem to do is work. There's fire wood to chop and carry indoors, rooms to clean, land to inspect and relatives to visit...

Walking back from the river.
The boys went fishing on Saturday morning. The fishes must have been asleep.

This road leads to our house.

Signs of spring on the tree that's right on our doorstep.

Fire! If you don't know how to start it, you'll have to live without heating and hot water.

Rusty buckets are very in this season.
We use this one to collect ashes from the furnace.


Anonymous said...

Småland, isn't that were Emil in Lönneberga lives? Your pictures are lovely!

punk in writing said...

Red Lipstick: Yes he does. :)I think Katthult is an hour away from the house.