Sunday, July 12

Car Boot Sale Sunday

I checked out the local car boot sale today. There was the usual plastic toys, old comic books, ugly ceramic sculptures and assorted children's clothes.

I found a few nice things, but the sellers were asking way too much. So I settled on this little tray that I got for next to nothing.

Small tray with movie star cards.


david mcmahon said...

Car boot sales are great fundraisers in Aussie schools.

punk in writing said...

I can imagine. The one I went to is organised by a local ice hockey club.

Little Rascal said...

Mycket snygg!
Grattis till fyndet!

Kommer du over hit nan gang sa tar vi en svang till mina favvo boot sales!

punk in writing said...

Rascal: Tack. :)

Vi ska faktiskt ta en weekend i London på semestern. Har lyckats locka pojkvännen med Imperial War Museum... ;)