Friday, July 24

Tweet Tweet Punk Rock Love

I didn't expect to see a romance unfold when I started to follow Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory on twitter. I added @xChadballx because of his credentials as guitarist in New Found Glory, producer to H2O and member of hardcore all-star group Hazen Street.
In the past I've discovered a lot of good music and up and coming bands by checking out his recommendations.

But then I started seeing these cute comments about cupcakes, holding hands and music, all aimed at another tweeter called @yelyahwilliams, none other than Hayley Williams of Paramore.

The romance between these two is something of an open secret. Neither Hayley nor Chad will comment on it in, but don't deny it.

I love the fact that this love is allowed to grow in semi-public view. And I'm not the only one who feels this way, the majority of comments on their photos are sweet and supportive.

Thru twitter I can follow this little romance without feeling like an intruder. There are no paparazzi here. I will only see what Chad and Hayley choose to make public. And that is the beauty of twitter and vertical communication.
There are no publicists involved, no editors who want to sell magazines and no record label executives thinking of sales. Just two rock n roll kids in love who feel like sharing.

Hopeless romantic? Me? Youbetcha.


Missy said...

awe, that's sweet. I stopped following most of my celebs on twitter. I only have the ones who follow me back.

Comedy Goddess said...

That is a great perspective of Twitter.

BlogHer is an annual conference for bloggers held every summer. It's in Chicago right now. Since I did not go, I had to use my imagination about what it would be like if I had won something.

punk in writing said...

Missy: I only follow those who have something fun and/or interesting to say. A lot of celebs seem really dull. At least on twitter.

CG: What? How could you not win? Surely you deserved a win? ;)