Tuesday, September 29

Everything Happens At Once

I have been so busy that I've barely had time to sleep. It's seems everything is happening at once. This weekend it was the Gothenburg book fair and a release party in Copenhagen for J.Tex latest album.

Book fair, anyone?

I haven't had time to check the photos I took at J.Tex release party on Saturday but if they're good I'll post them later. I was exhausted after a long day but I still had a good time and I sold a lot of vinyl.

We gave Andi Almqvist a ride to the release party in Copenhagen and he couldn't stop talking about his new album that has just been finished. I think he had a slight case of post-creation mania. His album "Glimmer" will be released in about a month.

On Sunday I was visiting friends in the countryside, enjoying some fresh air and home cooked food. Victor, who will be five this December, showed his skills on his 4 wheeler. That thing is pretty fast, it does somewhere around 50 km per hour.


But at least there's time to rest now that the weekend is over? Ha!
Adam Dorsett is in town for the Tattoo Expo in Malmö this weekend and things are never quiet when he is around.

And AFI and Paramore are releasing their new albums today. Crash Love by AFI and Brand New Eyes by Paramore are avaliable on Spotify.
I'm gonna head over to Interpunk and order them right now.

Let's hope AFI make it to Scandinavia when they tour in support of Crash Love.

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