Saturday, July 28

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part 1

This is how I spent my summer vacation. Part one includes swimming, cooking, Copenhagen, ice cream, sunshine, punk rock at West Coast Riot and a performance of Decamerone in the park.

The sun and the summer showed up just in time for my vacation which made it a little easier to leave the office and turn off my work phone. A few days ago I got the feeling that I was wasting my vacation doing nothing but looking at all these photos make me feel like I kinda got a lot done in a week after all?

Sunflower I planted in Mom's garden.

Went swimming.

 Cooked a veggie BBQ.

 Went shopping in Copenhagen and got ice cream. 

Eating ice cream by the lakes in Copenhagen. 

 Sisters chillin' by the lakes. I have new sunglasses from Tres Noir.

Yes, I know you had to get a new umbrella because this one has ruffles.
You can never have too many ruffles. Just look at the Parasol Protectorate.

 Went to Gothenburg and West Coast Riot. First band I saw was Street Dogs. Badass.

 West Coast Riot was in a new location under Älvsborgsbron.

 Hell yeah, we're at West Coast Riot!

Checked out Against Me! Laura Jane Grace was fierce!

 Why are Kerry, Punky and Jake so happy? Because we're watching Rancid!

 Rancid live in Gothenburg!

Yup. Sailor and Tequila are cats and live with Hanna who let me stay at her place in Gothenburg.

 Read Buffy season 9 on the train home.

Got a 20Belows tee and revamped it.

 Urban Dalmatian Daisy.

 Checked out Decamerone in the park with Malin, Malin and Daisy. 

We had a fancy picknick too.

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