Friday, July 13

Malmö Derby Festival

 Quads. And they are on my feet.

Malmö Derby Festival started today and my friend Mia asked if we should head down and try some skates on. I was just gonna head down and check out the festival but suddenly there were quad roller skates on my feet and pads on my knees and elbows. A helmet and some wrist guards and I was ready to go! Eh, make that ready to roll.

Happy Punky.

It was fun to try it and I managed a few laps around the track. Very slow and cautious laps, but still. I even tried a few stops and balancing on one foot. The technique seemed kinda similar to ice skating. Maybe all that rollerblading I did as a teenager helped too.

Norway vs Finland.

And then we watched some people who really knew how to skate, ate chocolate and bought merch. All food at the festival is vegetarian (hooray!) so we had hot dogs too.

Malmö Derby Festival continues all weekend. You'll find more info on the festival at

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