Wednesday, August 7

Going Solo

Travelling solo can be scary. It can also be a great experience that opens your mind to new people, new food and new experiences.
This summer I went to Biarritz, France for a surf camp. I booked the trip when my previous plans for the summer fell through. Rock bottom is just solid ground to start from.

Arriving in Biarritz was hot! Stepping of the plane was like stepping into a wall of heat - but I gradually got used to it. I spent most of my vacation in flip flops, beachwear and a wetsuit.

Côte des Basques

So how did I do? I've never been this sore and bruised after a vacation. But after every fall, every wave that knocked me down or threw me into my longboard - I got back up. Surfing is hard work and I understand why surfers are so fit.

I almost got the pop-up right... but my bad shoulder kept acting up and affecting my balance. So I got up, couldn't quite find my balance and fell off the board. Or to use a classic surfer excuse; bad surf wax on the board. Ahem.

I learned a lot during the five days we spent in the water. Reading the waves, paddling (there's far more paddling than surfing in surfing) and getting the longboard to and from the beach without looking like something directed by Charlie Chaplin. I also got stronger and more confident in the water.
The instructors were great, especially Jessica. A native of Venezuela, she lives in Costa Rica and she has been surfing for more than a decade. And she never tired of helping us catch waves, no matter how often we fell off or ended up doing a nosedive.


Vintage style posing. 

Surfakademin runs a mobile surf camp, going where the waves are best that day. So I stayed in Biarritz and surfed in Zarautz, Spain.

The local produce and seafood are amazing. I ate cherries and peaches like there was no tomorrow.
As we were in Basque Country there was plenty of delicious tapas and pintxos to be had. I drank good wine and demi-pêche, French beer with peach syrup. And ate some wonderful moules marinières. However, the mint-chocolate ice cream tasted like Fisherman's Friend, more interesting than tasty.

In conclusion: Going solo - totally worth it!


Markus introduced me to demi-pêche, french beer with peach syrup.

The sun sets on Côte des Basques

Fresh fruit at Les Halles, Biarritz.

Biarritz by night.

Seahorse at Musée de la Mer

Classy souvenirs

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