Wednesday, August 14

Why I work out

When I went to the gym to lose weight I never kept it up. I would go three, four times and then my motivation would fizzle. Now I work out because it makes the voices in my head shut up. It also helps to fix the damage I do to my body by working at a desk. Yeah you read that right, sitting down in front of a computer causes injuries.

I go running, do my physiotherapy and go to the gym because it makes me feel better. It's not about looks or weight, it's about being healthy so that I have the energy to do other things.

Here are three books that inspired me this summer. 
Journalist and injured runner Christopher McDougall wants to find a way to run without getting hurt and discovers the secrets of  Mexico's Tarahumara Indians, a tribe of long distance runners. During his research he alters his own running style based on what he learns and sets up a race between the tribe and some of America's best ultra-runners.
Born To Run is a well-written book that you'll enjoy even if you have zero interest in becoming a long distance runner.
Lüc Carl is the opposite of the shy, mysterious tribesmen found in Born To Run. A wannabe musician turned bartender in New York City finds himself fat, dumped and not liking it. A funny, honest story of how he learned to get healthy and fell in love with running.
I love The Drunk Diet because it shows that you can change your lifestyle without changing who you are - but you might discover new sides of yourself. It is full of quotes like "Remember when you made fun of me for ordering broccoli? Who's got the better chance of scoring the hot chick now?" and advice on how to party without messing up your training.
Also, the world needs more fit, witty rock n roll guys in tight clothing.

Rich Roll went from couch potato to ultra-distance runner. A moment of clarity the night before he turned 40 led to a lifestyle change for this lawyer and father of four. He switched to a plant-based diet (that's another word for vegan), got a coach, found a goal and finished 11th in the three day triathlon known as Ultraman. Two years after that moment of clarity he was named one of the world's fittest men.
Despite his own massive achievements his message is simple. Just begin and embrace the journey. Be open to where it's going to lead you. Start small and keep going. Eat a lot of plants.
And that is what makes Finding Ultra so inspiring. I never really pay attention to recipes in women's fitness magazines that are all about low calorie options. But when Rich Roll talks about eating right to get the best performance from your body I pay attention.

It goes back to what I said in the beginning about why I work out. Eating lean meals to lose weight? Not that interested. Finding the best possible fuel for my body, giving me the energy to go out and do things? Improving my health? Hell yeah, bring it on!
I want to be stronger and fit because what it will allow me to do, like becoming a better equestrian. And when I get inspired I find myself heading for the gym with a smile on my face.

Speaking of smiling and getting off your ass;

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