Friday, August 21

I <3 Copenhagen

I had a great day with my sister yesterday. We went across the bridge to Copenhagen for some shopping and girly fun.

Our first stop was Mondo Kaos in Birkegade. We looked at a lot of dresses and tried on half of them. I bought a really pretty black dress with blue sparrows.

Then we popped next door to Rubber Duck for some awsome frozen yoghurt. Maria choose blueberries and Daim chocolate, I choose fresh strawberries and Kinder chocolate. Tasty and really low fat!
Well, not the chocolate but the frozen yoghurt.


Then we left Nørrebro and crossed the lakes that separate the area from the city center. The crowds get bigger as you get closer to Strøget so we try to avoid it if we can.
And all the fun shops are on the side streets.
We had lunch at RizRaz and checked out some more shops.

We even had time for ice cream before getting on the train back to Sweden.


KMcJoseph said...

Frozen Yogurt followed by Ice Cream...

Can't miss!

punk in writing said...

Yup. But frozen yoghurt followed by more frozen yoghurt would have been awesome too.