Tuesday, August 11

A Quick Visit to London

I spent the weekend in London. It was hot and full of tourists, but I love that city. Andy had never been to London, so I showed him Covent Garden, Camden and Carnaby Street.

He also tried fish and chips for the first time, and liked it. But he likes his chips with ketchup, I prefer salt and vinegar.

Checking out the Spitfire in the main hall.
Photo by Andy.

We spent a day at the Imperial War Museum. Andy loved the bombs, planes and tanks. I preferred the exhibits about the second world war from the children's perspective and the holocaust exhibit. I just wish we had more time, because there was so much to see.
I bought some great books and postcards in the museum shop.

A cute rocking horse in the 1940s house.

An awesome poster. Too bad they didn't have this one in the shop.

Later that evening we headed to Piccadilly and met up with my blog/twitterbuddy Stevyn Colgan for a pint.
He is even nicer in person than on the internet. And he talks as much as me.

Me and Stevyn. And a red bus.
Photo by Andy.

You can't visit London and not go to the theater, so we went to the discount ticket place on Leicester Square and got tickets for "Jersey Boys", the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.
Awesome. And the souvenir program was shaped like an LP.

I stocked up on chocolate from Cadbury and fudge from Thorntons, but my supplies aren't gonna last long... Yum!


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