Tuesday, August 4

Previously Owned by Lana Turner

I had forgotten how addictive ebay can be. I logged in the other day to check out some items from Lana Turner's estate that her daughter Cheryl Crane is selling.

It's mine now!

I wound up buying this sterling silver hair comb. I guess I now own a small piece of Hollywood history. You can see the other items for sale here.

Sterling silver hair comb.

I also found three vintage magazines from 1950 and 1952. Two with Esther Williams on the cover, she talks about how to stay healthy in one issue and the other is an interview about being a mother in Hollywood. The third magazine has a story on college girls.

Summer reading.

There is just so much cool stuff to be found on ebay... I have my eye on some other Esther Williams memorabilia, a handbag and maybe a vintage sweater too.


Sandy De Luxe said...

Oj! Gud vad fin! Och vilken historia den har.. Blir nog super i en fin uppsättning!

punk in writing said...

Den kommer att sparas till speciella tillfällen. :)