Tuesday, October 20

He Wrote the Addams Family Theme Song

Composer Vic Mizzy, who wrote the Addams Family Theme, has passed away. Vic Mizzy wrote the opening theme and directed the opening sequence to the 1960's TV series, which features all members of the family snapping their fingers in sync with the music.

Vic Mizzy sang the song himself since his production company refused to pay for singers.

In the clip below Vic Mizzy talks about writing the song. The last part where he is asked about where the idea for the finger snapping came from is hilarious.

It's funny that it's so hard to believe that sometimes ideas just pop into your head and then you go from there.

Stevyn Colgan wrote a good post on this subject a little while ago, where he mentions author Neil Gaiman's great reply to the question "where do you get your ideas from?".

I make them up. [...] Out of my head.

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Oh My Goddess said...

He's great! Who knew? And Green Acres too?

Thanks for stopping by, and you are right about Lenny the Master Kravitz. Love him. Miley isn't too far off...