Thursday, October 1

The Best Music Video Ever Made

I don't know if it's the combination of 80's dance music, medieval surrondings and Morris dancers. Maybe it's singer Ivan Doroschuk's good looks and flowing hair?
This must be one of the greatest music videos ever made. It's safety dance by Men Without Hats.

I've said it before, a lot of awesome things have come from Canada.

The live version is almost as much fun. Click here to see it.


Oh My Goddess said...

Brings me right back to my favorite bar. I can smell the bourbon and smokes.

Only this time I'm not seeing double. Who knew he was so cute?

Chris Regan said...

Men Without Hats are awesome, and I'm glad somebody else agrees that this is the best music video ever made.

punk in writing said...

Goddess. Yes, he sure is easy on the eyes. :) Seeing double might not be a bad thing, two Ivan's may be even cuter than one?

Chris: Thank you! :D