Wednesday, September 21

Chicken of the Sea

I picked up this "Chicken of the Sea" magnet on Etsy a little while ago simply because I like the design. And when I searched the web I found a bunch of cool ads from the company. Like this one.

Tuna sandwich, anyone?

I dug around some more and found the image below. Turns out that Chicken of the Sea sponsored a popular pirate ship restaurant inside Disneyland. And yep, they served lots of tuna.

The image below is from the relaunch of the restaurant in 1960. Check out Kevin Kidney's blog for the story of the restaurant and more fabulous images.

Another great place I found is Daveland which has a bunch of vintage photos and stories from Disneyland, including the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship. There are some pretty cool images on his site. Most are holiday snapshots or photos from the construction of various parts of the park.

 Spot the two mermaids!

Did all this talk of tuna make you hungry? Then try this original recipe for Tunaburger, as served at the Chicken of the Sea restaurant. According to the good folks and brave taste-testers over at Mid-Century Meny it's pretty damn tasty.

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