Saturday, September 3

Turn over a new leaf

September means harvest time and the start of the local farmers market. I love eating food that is local and organic. At the farmers market you get good quality stuff and the prices are good too. Totally worth getting out of bed early for.
I picked up some great stuff this morning, including kale, goats cheese, plums, mini-cauliflower, gooseberry and whiskey jam, yellow beets and tomatoes.


"Little fiancée" - a local goat's cheese.

Gooseberry squash and gooseberry and whiskey jam.

During this fabulously rainy summer I passed the time with some online retail therapy at the Imperial War Museum's shop. Got a new poster for my kitchen, a few books and some other stuff. They've got some nice things if you're into retro and history.

Turn over a new leaf - poster from the Imperial War Museum.

Yup, I got the mug too.

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