Sunday, September 11

This Week

This week just zoomed by. Two busy and fun days working in Stockholm. I was up on a roof and down in a bunker, checked out some churches and some shops, played boule and ate some good food. Later in the week Von Sven dropped by the shop and did some pinstriping and inhaled some thinner. Good times.

I picked up some cool trinkets at a charity shop, found some great veggies and fresh fruit at the farmer's market and checked out Swedish punk band Vånna Inget's release party in a converted artists studio last night. Maximum capacity was 90 people so it was intimate, loud and fun.
Their album Allvar is out on Heptown Records next week and they are going on tour soon. Check 'em out!

View from a roof.

Art in the bunker.

Up in the air.

Von Sven pinstriping in the HepCat Store.

Vånna Inget live.

Breakfast. Fresh strawberries, banana, pear and lemon yoghurt. Grated some espresso chocolate on top.

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