Monday, August 15

Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree #4

This past Saturday was the 4th Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree. DJ Undertaker was spinning records and the dark clouds had decided to move on when Rob and I got there in the early evening. The junkyard looked a little empty but soon the cars started pouring in and there was barely room to park another pre-1960s car.
A really nice night at the junkyard.


Nice profile

Charlie's sweet new pickup. I think I'm in love...

But these events and meets aren't all about cars or music. No sir, the next big thing is gonna be yoga! People are gonna sell their kustom cars and next year it will be nothing but customized yoga mats at the junkyard. Think I'm joking? Just look at this little yoga session we improvised.

Jocke doing a... some kind of... pelican?

Not a bad dancer pose considering I'm in boots and wearing dungarees.

Dan has a go at "dancer pose with camera"

Jocke is pretty good at this...

Junkyard Warrior

Ehm... I may have been kidding about yoga mats replacing cars next year. Back to the cars, the crowds and the rockabilly music. Say hello to DJ Undertaker.

DJ Undertaker
DJ Undertaker

"Same time next year?"

Pat C Miller
Pat C Miller

Love at the Junk Bar
Love at the Junk Bar

Full set of photos can be found on Flickr.

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