Tuesday, August 9

The Road to A-bombers

Condensed version of our the HepCat crew's adventures at A-bombers: packing, loading, running late, driving, coffee incident, snoring, arriving, setting up the booth, selling, rain, j.tex, sleeping in the van, selling even more, finally some sunshine, waffles, doing business, meeting friends, beer, packing, loading the van, driving home, more coffee, arriving at the shop and unpacking.

But allow me to expand on one of these moments; the coffee incident. We were at a gas station an hour or so away from Ljungskile, all ready to get back in the van and continue driving. And that's when Tony drops his large coffee in his lap... and over the seat and my leg. Awesome, right? Anyway, the car was cleaned, jeans were changed and Tony went and bought himself another coffee. Which he put a lid on and held very tightly until he had finished it. As did all of us for the rest of the trip...

The best part of A-bombers for me is meeting old and new friends. I could have chatted to the girls from Rockefella for another hour, Bullitt Leather is always excellent fun and Kustom Kutting were almost as busy as we were. But having Rascal and Markus drop by on Saturday was a special treat. The HepCat crew also got a very interesting talk on denim from Fabian from Pike Brothers.

However, the veggie food at A-bombers is crap and I wish they would sort out some more showers. It would make life on the site a lot easier for us vendors who work from 9 am until midnight for two days.

Fun fact: I just did the math and realized this was my fifth visit to A-bombers in six years. I missed one year (2007? 2008?) because I had a bad cold and didn't want to sleep in a tent.
But enough words, here are some photos!

Loading the van.

On the road again!
On the road again!

Milkshakes and cuddles
Quick dinner at Max. I opted for a deluxe milkshake in banana split while the boys slurped regular strawberry milkshakes.

Two snoring grizzlybears...
Goddamnit how they snore!!
When one of them stopped the other one got started...

How many bands did I see this year? None.

Kustom Kutting
Kustom Kutting's new shop truck.

J.Tex and HepCat Store
J.Tex live in front of the HepCat Store booth.

Night at Backamo
Night at Backamo.

And on Sunday it rained again... the coast is beautiful in any weather.

Rob loves his phone
Heading home and taking care of business on the phone.

Coffee break #2
Coffee break #2

appropriate footwear
I'm really glad I packed appropriate footwear.

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