Wednesday, August 17

Fancy Coffee

Malmö is a great city if you want a good cup of coffee while you eat something sweet and gossip with friends. I haven't seen much of the sun this summer, but it put in an appearance yesterday when I had a cappuccino and a flapjack covered in chocolate at Lite Off. Flapjack not pictured because things that are covered in chocolate won't survive uneaten for long...

Fancy cappuccino in the sunshine at Lite Off.

I'd heard a lot of good things about Chez Madame and finally tried their food today. Lovely veggie food and nice atmosphere. Just look at their flowerpots.
There were quite a few things on the menu that sounded tasty so I might be back here soon.

Is it a stack of books? An art installation? No, it's a flowerpot at Chez Madame!

Coffee and cherry cake with a cherry on top.


Anonymous said...

gillar med lite off, men ananrs har ju solde bäst kaffe i stan! =)

punk in writing said...

Lilla kafferosteriet är inte dumt det heller. Får göra en hel serie. :)