Thursday, August 25


I've just spent two great days at the conference (#theconf on twitter) listening to some amazing talks on digital media and the future. If you weren't there you should check out some of the talks that are available online.
I strongly recommend the keynote talks by Riyaad Minty who works with social media at Al Jazeera and the talk on Man & Machine by cyborg anthropologist Amber Case.

I also attended talks on disruptive thinking, crowdfunding and hacking your own body. My head is spinning after two really intense days with lots of new ideas and impressions.
And I became my own souvenir. I got scanned, digitalized and a mini-me printed on a 3D-printer. The technology is still a little primitive but imagine what they are gonna do with 3D-printers in a few years...

Tried this pose at first but the scanners didn't like it.

Analog Punky.

Digital Punky in 3D

Plastic Punky - the result of a 3D printer

And since the conference was the world's first flattrable conference I signed up to and am now using flattr, a system for micropayments and donations. You can read more about flattr on wikipedia and on

I talked to a lot of interesting people during these two days, but the words that stuck the most come from Bill Drummonds keynote talk this morning.

"You can stand on the outside looking in or you can stand on the outside looking further out. I prefer looking further out."

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